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Welcome to Touch of Time Soaps!

Have you ever wanted to experience the scents and sensations of times gone by?

We sure have.

That's why we created Touch of Time Soaps, a line of sumptuous soaps crafted in the tradition of the great luxury soaps of the past.

The period of the great luxury soaps was a time when only the best soaps using the best fragrances were created for the very rich and the very royal.

It was a time when kings and queens bathed with the scent of spring gardens and sweet summer evenings, a time when a fragrance was as evocative and as telling as a well-turned phrase, a time when scent ruled the social scene, conveying hidden messages from heart to heart.

If you've ever wanted to visit the past--or if you simply appreciate a lovely bar of soap--explore our collections.

And get ready to experience the beauty and lusciousness of long ago.

Our holiday gift sets are here!

We've created two holiday gift sets that bring back the poignant beauty of Victorian times--the Victorian Christmas set and the Victorian Snowflake set

And during this holiday season we're offering a complimentary gift to our best customers.  For each order $100 or over, we'll send you the holiday gift set of your choice.  

If you need the perfect gift for your Secret Santa, your child's teacher, a co-worker, or a great neighbor, a gift set from the Holiday Collection is just the thing.  Everyone loves these soaps 

They're here just once a year...

Visit our holiday collection!

Join the great bathers of history

Share the soap of legends

Indulge with a luxury from the past...