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The Icon Collection - available after February 20, 2023

Bathe with one of these luxury soaps and connect with your inner icon. 

The Icon Collection soaps were created to recapture the sense of bathing luxury experienced by some very famous folks. Whether the scent came from an open window or a bouquet in the room or flowers on the bath water, both the royals and not-so-royal  were accustomed to bathing with the scent of the gardens just outside their door.

From the Orangerie of Versailles to the smell of honeysuckle from the Petite Trianon, we've created true-to-character soaps in honor of some of the most famous bathers in history.

Because it isn't always possible to find an original soap recipe for each individual, these soaps are crafted with his or her favorite floral scents using materials available in that person's geographic area during their lifetime. 




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