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Queen Victoria's Bouquet
Queen Victoria's Bouquet

Queen Victoria's Bouquet

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There was a time when everyone spoke the language of flowers.  

This language was called floriography, and it was used just like we use emojis today.  Entire conversations were conveyed by the symbolism of flowers.

Visitors arrived with bouquets, suitors left nosegays on the doorsteps of the "objects of their affections," printed cards of bouquets were sent by mail to those who lived far away.  No note was needed because the flower blossoms alone sent clear messages from the heart of the sender.

Our Queen Victoria's Bouquet soap recalls this time in Victorian England when the sight or scent of a certain flower could arouse powerful emotions.  Made with the single floral scent of Lily of the Valley, this soap replicates the aroma of the beautiful bell-like flowers that bloom each spring. 

What did a Lily of the Valley bouquet mean in floriography? It meant "a return to happiness." 

Try our soap and join Queen Victoria and others who have treasured the delicate scent and sweet message of this beautiful flower. 

Our soap may not be a total "return to happiness" but its lovely fragrance and creamy lather are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face--and a sense of royal luxury to your bath. 

Weight  7.2 oz /  204 grams

Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, and a bouquet


Olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, mango butter, shea butter, fragrance oil, babassu oil, almond oil, kokum butter, castor oil, kaolin clay, sugar, sea salt, titanium dioxide, water, mica, chromium green oxide