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The Vanilla Bath
The Vanilla Bath
The Vanilla Bath

The Vanilla Bath

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It's amazing how the simplest of pleasures can affect a person's life.

Like bathing, for instance.

Consider the cautionary tale of Marquise de Montespan.  According to lore, bath incidents marked the beginning and the end of her affair with the Sun King.

It began with a somewhat creepy incident of the king spying on the Marquise while she was taking a bath.  She caught him looking at her, and slowly dropped the bath sheet.

In no time at all she was maîtresse-en-titre to the most powerful man in the world. Even after seven children and more than 10 years together, she still had a way of a fascinating him. 

With one exception. 

The king had developed a strong aversion to the heavy perfumes of his court.  His distaste for scents was so strong that he commanded everyone around him to stop using them. So the Marquise stopped wearing perfume.

But there was one thing she held on to.  She loved using vanilla in her bath and refused to relinquish this one pleasure of scent. 

The story ends badly.  She persisted with the vanilla, the king smelled it, and another woman took her place as the mistress of Louis XIV. 

If you like the scent of vanilla, don't deny yourself the decadence of Marquise de Montespan's forbidden pleasure.  

Try The Vanilla Bath soap and enjoy the luxury of a 17th century palace bath, resplendent with thick, luscious lather and the full, rich scent of delicious vanilla.

Weight 7.2 ounces  / 204 grams

PLEASE NOTE: The line between brown and white of this vanilla-scented bar will eventually grow fuzzy. The vanilla scent migrates and causes the color change.

Marquise de Montespan


Olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, water, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, castor oil, argan oil, sugar, fragrance oil, sea salt, and mica (synthetic fluorphlogopite, titanium dioxide, iron oxide)